What do I get paid for plastic waste?

Rp 5000 per kilogram mixed plastic waste Super Indo 365 brand
Rp 4500 per kilogram PET bottles
Rp 2500 per kilogram all other mixed plastic waste

Total weight is calculated down to 100 grams

How do I get paid?

We pay out to e-wallets through the Wahu app. You need to register and link your preferred e-wallet to your account before you can hand in plastic waste and get paid. You get paid per kilogram of plastic waste you hand in at the Wahu Waste Hubs.

What e-wallets do you support for instant pay out?

We suppert GoPay, Dana, Ovo, ShoppeePay and LinkAja top ups. Payments will be processed instantly (minimum payment is Rp 10,000) and will appear in your e-wallet overview as a top up.

What if I didn't receive my payment?

There can be several reasons instant payment is rejected. Most common errors are that your e-wallet exceeds the maximum balance amount or the phone number in your account is invalid.

Wahu will do a regular check on rejected payments, if the reattempted payment also fails, you will be informed by e-mail. Should you have any questions on the payment you can also contact our staff at the Wahu Waste Hub or send us an e-mail at info@wa-hu.com.

What kind of plastic waste do you accept?

We accept all consumer/household plastic waste. In general, we consider all different types of plastic packaging you can find in stores and supermarkets as eligible plastic waste.

What kind of plastic waste is not accepted?

We do not accept any commercial or industrial plastic waste. We also do not accept plastic containers filled with chemical, toxic or hazardous fluids or contents.

What are the requirements to hand in plastic waste?

To ensure a quick and smooth drop off, make sure you hand in Super Indo 365, PET bottles and all other mixed plastics separately. There are dedicated plastic collection bags available at the Wahu Waste Hub for your convenience.

Do not hand in any other materials than plastic like aluminum, glass or wood and ensure all bottles and containers are empty. We will check the material before weighing it at the Wahu Waste Hub.

What is Wahu?

Wahu is a waste management system that brings good to people and planet by empowering people to collect plastic waste and earn money. Wahu is a brand of PT Waste Hubs Indonesia, it’s head office is located in Jakarta. Contact us at info@wa-hu.com or drop by at our staff at one of our Wahu Waste Hubs if you want to know more.

Where are the Wahu Waste Hubs located?

We currently have three locations in the greater Jakarta area. Check the map in the Wahu app for the exact location and tap on the map for directions to a Wahu Waste Hub near you.

How can I give feedback or leave a complaint?

Your opinion is important for us to learn and improve, please come by our Wahu Waste Hub or send us an e-mail at info@wa-hu.com. You can also reach us on our Instagram account